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The Only Person That Can Help You is YOU!!!!

Before I went on my run today I was trying to talk myself out of doing it. I felt tired and wanted to take a nap, but instead drank some coffee. I then started to tell myself I ran on Monday and Tuesday so maybe I should take today off. But I knew that didn’t sound convincing either so I kept looking outside and it kept looking like it was going to rain in the hopes that it would rain. Well again, another excuse to keep me from exercising. That’s just the deal- we will always try and find some excuse not to exercise.

If I look back on my run on Monday I thought about not doing it that day too. So I had drank a few more beers than I should have on Sunday afternoon and when I had the time to run it was hot and sunny. Despite these excuses I did my 3 mile run! During the run I didn’t feel good because I was a little dehydrated and my face was bright as a tomato and if anyone I knew would have driven past me I may have hitched a ride back. But I did it! So that brings me to Tuesday. On Tuesday I didn’t know if I was going to have the time to run but I decided to squeeze a 4 mile run in before a personal training session. I knew I only had a little window and if I didn’t hurry I wouldn’t be back in time. So I set out on the 4 miles… my legs were tired from the day before but it wasn’t bad. I wasn’t feeling sick to my stomach like the day before so that was a plus as well. Since I felt better I started out way to fast, and half way through I had to stop and rest. Not for long though because remember I had to hurry because of the client. Well, I made it back with plenty of time to cool down and stretch. Then I waited and waited and waited and the client didn’t show. That made me realize that I was glad I squeezed that run in and if I would have not run I would have been upset at myself for not doing it.

So as I keep rambling on about my runs just this week and what has gone through my mind in these past three days I’m sure these are some of the same feelings and issues that you may struggle with as well. On my run today, remember, I was tired and it looked like it was going to rain, I thought about these excuses. I started out very, very slow and just tried to enjoy the outside and let my mind drift to other things besides what I was doing. Running is a stress reliever for me, and it helps me to think about business or personal issues that I’m dealing with. So as all these things were flooding to my tired brain I started to feel more awake and I thought about these excuses and was tickled to think of what I was conjuring up to not exercise. As a personal trainer I shouldn’t think like this but in all reality I’m human like everyone. So if as a professional I can feel this way and know how important it is for your body to exercise, then I can only imagine why people struggle to exercise. Half way through my run I noticed I was running faster and still thinking of these excuses, and what I wanted to convey on this blog.

This is when I decided the only person that can change you is YOU! You are the one making the excuses! Despite what the excuse may be, work around it and figure out a way to make it work. It doesn’t matter what you do just, MOVE!!! Something is better than nothing! As it started to rain and I had one more mile to go but I felt invigorated. I can’t change Mother Nature whether it’s too hot, cold or rainy, however I can appropriately dress for the occasion and end the excuses. So I got a little wet, but I was wet with sweat already and it actually felt nice. I wouldn’t recommend going if it was lightning and thundering but this was just a nice spring rain.

So help yourself by starting something. Walk or ride your bike in your neighborhood, swim, get a workout buddy, join a gym or seek a fitness professional. Remember the excuses are always going to be there but you need to find what will help keep you accountable to your exercise routine. Everyone is driven differently so do what helps you the most and when the excuses arise, figure out how you can work around them.

So stop the excuses! Start something! Just move! Your body will thank you! And YOU will reap the benefits!