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The DeCore Fitness Challenge Week 1

My first week of classes at DeCore never happened. Despite my good intentions, it seemed everything was stacked against me. To avoid getting off topic I am going to skip all the details. The bottom line is that half of it was completely out of my control and the other half was all on me! That’s life!

So I decided to take Pilates as my very first class because:
1. I asked Terri Gonzales, owner and personal trainer, which class would be best to start with and that’s was her suggestion
2. I actually was interested in Pilates to begin with
3. I’m not a morning person and that seemed to be something I could handle first thing in the morning

The class: Mondays and Wednesdays 7:30am-8:30am

I’m not going to lie I was nervous walking in the studio on my first day.  Here’s my before and after thoughts…

My thought: I am going to look so silly—I have never taken a Pilates class before! What if I am way behind everyone else?

Truth: It was not a big deal at all to be the new girl! The instructor, Danzel, took time to explain everything and probably cut me a lot of slack when I was not doing things quite right.

My thought: I am going to feel so awkward walking in on the first day.

Truth: Well I was running late Monday morning for my very first class. Talk about stressful! But I was distracted from my thoughts running wild with worry. And honestly, because the class was small, I felt even less intimidated and I jumped right in. Truthfully the ladies in my class were so nice to me and welcomed me into their group.

My thought: I haven’t worked out in a long time… what if I am really sore afterward?

Truth: I did feel a little sore the day after my first Pilates class. I felt it in my abs the most. But it was tolerable and I felt good knowing that I was getting in better shape. And it was not quite as bad after the second class. I actually felt better because I was moving and stretching!

My thought: I hate getting up early so that is going to make going to the gym even tougher!

Truth: This definitely is the hardest part for me. Late nights + early mornings= difficultly getting up and going! BUT honestly, as much as I had to drag myself out of bed, once I was moving I was happy to be going! HONESTLY! I feel so good about being productive in the morning and most of all sticking with that commitment!

My thought: I’m not a morning person. It takes me a while to feel awake so will that be another issue for me?

Truth: I did feel a little groggy before class but once I got started I felt awake and energized. The stretches and breathing exercises helped to get my blood pumping. Yet it was relaxing enough with the lights off and shades closed.

My thought: I am currently getting adjusted by a chiropractor and trying to get relief for neck and back problems. It’s working but maybe I should feel better first before I start working out?

Truth: So far, the Pilates class has not bothered my neck/back. Even during class, it isn’t bothering me.  We actually use two mats. I think that is nice to have a little extra cushion. Overall, I think that the combination of Pilates classes and chiropractic adjustments will really help me! Awesome!

Perks I hadn’t considered: I noticed after class I was walking around with better posture! Now I have been trying to work on my posture a lot more. All the hours on the computer and at a desk don’t help but I can definitely see the benefits of taking Pilates.

THE VERDICT:  My trial for Pilates was only meant to be one week. But before the second class was over, I had already decided to stick with it! I like everything about it. Danzel mixes it up constantly and class goes by fast! I love the small size of the class!! It definitely is more personalized and I don’t feel like a number at all. The other ladies are nice and friendly. I am excited to go each morning and I DEFINITELY want to stick with it!!!

THIS WEEK: Looking forward to my second week of Pilates! I am even getting up early despite not having classes at A&M.

NEXT WEEK: I am moving on to a Circuit Training With Abs class in addition to taking Pilates. I’m not sure what to expect there… It is going to be tougher I am sure. And I will have to make more time in my schedule but I’m sticking with it all! 🙂

PS— If Pilates sounds like something you’d like to try– call and join the class! There is room for more!! 🙂