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At DeCore Fitness Studio we’re fortunate that we get to train with a great group of clients. Our customers come from Bryan, College Station and from many other areas in the Brazos Valley. We are proud of the fact that so many of our neighbors have chosen Decore Fitness Studio as a personal training partner. Here is just what a few of them have to say about the personal trainers at Decore.


From Steve:
Our family has been a client of Terri’s for the past six or seven years. During that time she has trained three different members of our family at some point in time. What I really like about Terri is her ability to tailor the workout program to the person’s individual needs, goals and physical abilities. Terri has worked with me personally on overall strength trainingphysical fitness and rehabilitation after injury and surgery. I worked out with Terri for over three years and sessions with Terri were always challenging and fun! Terri would change up the workouts periodically to keep my interest high and to challenge the muscles groups being worked. Her methods kept the workouts interesting and my progress was better than I have ever been able to accomplish in the past. Terri is absolutely the best personal trainer I have ever worked with and I can recommend her with absolutely no reservations.


From Marilyn:
It’s about you at DeCore Fitness! The positive, personalized, and persistent training changes your life it did mine. I am stronger, more flexible, and have better balance than at any time in my life.

I began with a concern about losing bone density. After the first year it stabilized; by the second year I had gained bone density. She changes my routines weekly, and patiently pushes me further than I would ever go on my own. My work with Terri over the past few years has been the best!


From Janis:
After hitting one of those major age milestones I knew I would never look 20 again!! My concern was that I wanted to be able to continue with my current lifestyle and even improve my overall fitness level and flexibility into my senior years.

After only a short amount of time my fitness level has improved dramatically. I am enjoying a sense of achievement and well being that I had lost. An added bonus is I can do some movements that I had been starting to have trouble with. I look forward to continuing my fitness training for the obvious benefits.


From Barbara:
I have several reasons for choosing DeCore Fitness Studio. I knew I should be working out, but was put off by the large gyms and the thought of planning my own workout routines. I wanted a private, comfortable, professional environment. Additionally, I have medical concerns. I have had two back surgeries and numerous “procedures” that zapped my strength and conditioning. I tried several facilities, but was unable to do the exercises without pain and so I quit.

Terri plans individual, challenging workouts that target my particular needs while building my strength and endurance. She has been sensitive to my limitations and designed a workout regimen to strengthen my legs, back and core without pain or risk of further injury. Her constant attention to proper form/technique and the varied routines have kept me interested, physically challenged, and looking forward to the next workout session. I’m having fun and improving my quality of life at the same time! I feel better and more physically confident; I have more energy; I’m eating healthier; and, as a bonus, I’ve lost ~ 10 pounds.

If you’ve ever thought about working out, but don’t know where to begin, call Terri at DeCore today and give yourself the gift of better health.