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Where the Transformation Begins

DeCore Fitness Studio in College Station offers clients the perfect combination of comfort and function. At DeCore Fitness Studio, you can choose to work out one-on-one with a certified personal trainer in one of three roomy, private, fully-equipped studios with everything you expect to find in a mega gym; participate in small group fitness classes in the intimately functional aerobics room or round out your fitness program with a combination of both.

Regardless of how you design your personal fitness program, all DeCore clients enjoy complimentary access to a variety of cardio equipment during regular business hours or anytime the studio is open after hours.

Unique Extras in Personal Training Facilities

In addition to the private studios, aerobics room and cardio equipment, DeCore Fitness Studio offers separate men’s and women’s dressing rooms complete with showers – an amenity rarely found at private fitness studios. The look and feel at DeCore Fitness Studio is both relaxing and motivating at the same time – the perfect recipe for your fitness success.