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Easy healthful tips for the office worker

I had worked in different offices throughout the years, and I was always interested in trying to find simple ways to improve my well being while working there. I wanted to share some of the things that helped me stay healthy!

1. Drink water
–        Make sure you’re not dehydrated by monitoring the color of your urine. If it’s close to a color of apple juice or darker, drink H20.
–        Try to replace sugary/diet drinks with pure cold water. Not only will it purify your body by helping you remove toxins faster, it’s also more likely to refresh you more than soda or coffee.

2. Take stairs more often
–        Instead of using the elevator, take the stairs! Depending on how many flights of stairs you walk, you can burn a fairly high amount of calories.
–        Don’t have a reason to visit your co-worker upstairs? Make a quick trip up and down the stairs for no reason, and you’ll not only burn calories but also provide much needed oxygen to your brain. Studies suggest that a quick break that includes some sort of physical activity can actually increase your productivity.


3. Have some green tea
–        Green tea is proven to speed up your metabolism, so drink up!
–        If you normally drink 2 cups of coffee at the office, try replacing one cup with 2 double green teas. The caffeine content will be similar (slightly less depending on the brand of coffee/tea), but the benefits of the antioxidants and faster metabolism are worth the switch.

4. Stretch
–       Since nowadays we stay inactive for extended periods of time sitting down in one place, our muscles can become weaker and less flexible with time. Flexibility is important for retaining muscle strength, and more muscle equals faster metabolism.
–       Perform simple stretches such as twisting your torso or neck left and right in your chair,  extend your arms above your head or behind your back, or stretch whatever feels achy or tight. Also, visit this website for other office friendly stretches.

5. Switch your office chair to a balance ball
–       Using a balance ball to sit on instead of an office chair can help strengthen your core, prevent back ache, and improve your posture. This will essentially keep your muscles working without you knowing it, and yes, it’ll help you keep your metabolism working faster!
–    It’s a fairly inexpensive switch; prices for a balance ball range from $10-30, which is much more affordable than buying even the least expensive office chair. It might be a good idea to discuss this with your boss first.

There are countless other simple ways to improving your health. You can chose to graze on fruits, vegetables and nuts instead of sugary snacks, manage your stress by listening to music that helps you relax, give your eyes a break from the computer monitor, or bring in a plant that will help filter the air around you… 

I wanted to share the ideas that worked for me, but even moreso I hope you’ll try to figure out what other healthy ways might work best for you to stay healthy.
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