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Class Schedule

At DeCore Fitness Studio, the one-on-one services of our personal training staff are available at your convenience by appointment from early morning to evening. The small group aerobic classes and fitness classes are scheduled by specific day and time as detailed below.

We are always open to offering new classes or adjusting schedules to meet your needs.

Please note: the class schedules are subject to change each month.  Please check this schedule page for changes, new classes and other updates.

Detailed information for each class is available here.



DeCore Class Details


A cardio workout with upper body toning. Punch & kick the calories off!

Group Personal Training

No matter what your fitness level is, this class will push you in your own limits by increasing your strength, balance, and stamina. Class includes stations of weight lifting, cardio and core work.

Gentle Yoga

New to yoga or wanting a low-intensity practice? This class is taught at a slow pace that incorporates props and modifications to make the practice accessible. Postures will strengthen and stretch muscles and open joints, along with relaxation techniques that are also introduced.

Flow Yoga

This is a mixed level class that focuses on moving with the breath, proper alignment and finding balance between strength and flexibility. It is based on physical postures, deep breathing, mindfulness, and listening to the body.


Is an energizing, calorie-blasting Latin and International dance-inspired workout…... it’'s all about moving and having a good time! The 45-60-minute program incorporates footwork and body movements from flamenco, cumbia, reggaeton, salsa and other dances. Come prepared to work out. Wear your sneakers and put on some loose, comfortable clothes. No dance background required!



Stretch To Live

With a combination of the body's need for calorie burning and muscle toning, and its desire for rejuvenation and health, these classes are for anyone who wants an exercise routine that delivers results by utilizing the power of their own muscles and body. The weight-free, strengthening and toning program combines personalized guidance with the energy and motivation generated by a small, highly focused group. Many of our clients find that after taking our classes they have more freedom of movement, diminished back pain, lose weight, become more flexible, improve their posture and are more energized and balanced. Unlike Yoga or Pilates, our full body strengthening classes dynamically stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body, rebalancing the muscular structure in continuous rotational movements. The movements within the class work scientifically through the muscle chains to unlock rigid muscles. Since we do not use weights to create tone and strength in the body, many of our clients come to class every day. If you have a desire to work out without feeling beat up - we encourage you to give our classes a try. Join us for a challenging, fun and effective workout! Our classes are perfect for women and men who want to:
  • Slenderize and tone abs, waist, thighs, arms and back
  • Experience immediate changes to posture
  • Create greater range of motion, flexibility, agility and strength
  • Rebalance musculature for relief of tension, chronic pain and injuries
  • Receive Anti-aging benefits
  • Increase energy, positivity and general health
  • Transition into post-rehabilitation fitness